Van Koevering Interactive Pianos

Hello, this message is from me personally, David Van Koevering.

As you may know, I have invested my life in the design and manufacturing of high technology, advanced musical instruments and medical equipment. I was the founder and chairman of the board of the Van Koevering Interactive Piano Company which produced over 4700 expertly-crafted pianos. We built and developed these awesome pianos and supplied them to 175 retail piano dealers and several piano schools throughout the United States.

I have a limited supply of pianos from the Interactive Piano School in Nashville. I personally checked each of these instruments and found them to be in excellent condition, and they will be sold with a one year piano warranty from Authorized Warranty Service Centers. I offer these pianos as a signed signature edition. All of our pianos have the same Interactive Music Technology.

Benches are included. Prices do not include shipping and are FOB Cleveland, TN. which is just off I-75, one hour South of Knoxville, and 30 minutes North of Chattanooga, TN. For more information call 423-476-7402 or e-mail [email protected]

Interactive Model Finish Price
Petite Grand
Polished Black
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Baby Grand
Polished Black

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